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Deniliquin Christian School (DCS) is a Kindergarten to Year 10 School and this position needs to be supportive of the Kindergarten - Year 10 context of the School.  The school culture is one of close collaboration across the school.


The vision of the School is:

"To be a Christ-centred community where families and school work together nurturing, educating and equipping children for life through a Christian Worldview"



The basis of our education is the Bible, God's Word, which teaches that:

  • All things have been created by God so that He might be glorified in and through them;  
  • God is sovereign over all;

  • God is to be honoured and served in all areas of life;

  • God has appointed parents to be responsible for the education of their children and to "bring them up in the nurture and instruction of the Lord" (Eph 6:4).


Our aims can be summarised as follows:

  • To provide a Christ-centred education;

  • To teach children to think with a Christ-like attitude;

  • To assist children to make the best possible use of their God-given talents;

  • To involve parents actively in the education of their children by participation in day to day activities and in the running of the school;
  • To maintain uniformity of training and teaching at home and at school, while preparing the children to be Christ's disciples in the world.



(Excerpt taken from http://www.whychristianschools.com.au/wcs/use-this-site.html for full document please click here


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