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Stage 2 (Year 3 and 4) and Stage 3 (Year 5 and 6)

Primary School Excursion


Class Size

At Deniliquin Christian School, our Stage 2 and 3 classes are currently combined. There are plans to separate these classes in the future into a Stage 2 and Stage 3 class. Miss Keast is the main teacher of 2/3K.


We deliver the NSW Board of Studies curriculum looking through the lens of a Christian perspective and attached to real values.

The Arts

Each year the class performs in different Creative Arts specialties at the school Talent Night. In the past students have participated in elective dance items, musical performances, and whole class dances.


Students undertake Sport with Mr Heffer. The students have had the opportunity to visit the Stadium and the local Pool as part of Sport this year. They also enjoy specialist instruction from sporting instructors throughout the year, including Gymnastics and Football in 2018.

Assessment and Reports

Parents receive two reports each year in addition to parent-teacher interviews. Parents are encouraged to keep in regular contact with their child's teacher.

Computing and IT equipment

In 2/3K we use our classroom iPads and computers to access Mathletics and Reading Eggs, as well as being able to access the internet for research activities.


At the end of every term, 2/3K enjoys a homework reward of the students’ choosing. The students who have consistently brought their homework throughout the term enjoy the highest level of reward. Some rewards of the past have included: making gingerbread houses, scavenger hunts and watching a movie with snacks.


Each year the Stage 2/3 class attends a 2-night excursion throughout the year. This year, the Stage 3 students also attended a second overnight excursion. We have visited Canberra (2016), Borambola Sport and Recreation Centre (2017) and Sovereign Hill (2018).

Celebrating Learning

Each year we farewell our Year 6 students with a Graduation Dinner. This is always a special time for the students to celebrate completing Primary school with parents and staff.